Finally a system that brings all the features you need to reach your customers in one place.

Midas Point of Sales preview


Get your products anywhere your customers are. As your company grows selling shouldn’t stop. Our sales channel integrations are always growing to ensure your products are being seen by your customers.


We know that what really makes your products stand out, is the community that you bring together. Midas has created tools that resonate with your customers to make a smooth and enjoyable user journey.


With better insights you will be able to make better preparations for you and your customers. See what products are selling what event customers are attending plus so much more.

More than just inventory

More than Inventory Management

Since inventory is your business it’s only right that your business is integrated as much as possible giving you the ultimate tools to control how you run and grow it. 

Inventory P.O.S Preview
Midas Point of sales preview
Sell like never before

Reliable Point of Sales

We heard you guys Crystal clear and we have a lot more features on the way but more importantly than any feature we could have built, Midas was built to be stable built to last. No more unexplainable down time. You already have your work cut out for you – your P.O.S system shouldn’t make it worse. 

Simple Tracking

Stop selling what you think your customers want. Now we can tell you. Whether it’s through our robust data analytics or our state of the art Pulse functionality. Midas was built to listen by bringing multiple standalone platforms into one. Get back to doing what you love having fun with the community.


Mange your store from head to toe. With tools supporting sales, communication, employees development and so much more. Midas P.O.S has created the tools to allow you to create your business your way. 

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